The most common challenge that doctors and practices face is managing their medical billing effectively. As a medical management company, we see all the ways that practices mess up and lose out on a lot of their revenue when it comes to their medical billing:

  • Having only one employee work on billing and collections.
  • Having inexperienced people work on the billing and collections
  • Having improper oversight over the billing and collections.
  • Contracting medical billing companies that are not local & don’t know our local insurance companies.
  • Contracting medical billing companies that automate and/or outsource a large part of your billing and collections.
  • Contracting with larger companies that prioritize their larger, higher revenue clients.

CoastMed Solutions prides itself on being local, managing all the billing in-house, and best of all, we create a custom billing process tailored to the specific needs of each individual provider & practice.

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